A multi-level grief-hole with steel fittings, flashing lights and an overwhelming odour of booze and aftershave. Here’s where the stag lads go to get pissed and cheer at tits, and it’s a great place to observe staggering beer monsters pull Jackson dance steps. No points for the payment system: punters are obliged to exchange cash in return for a swipey card which then pays the drinks – a daft system which simply means you queue twice.

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  • If you want to experience a local megadisco with loud music and diverse crowd - from 18-year-olds to others twice their age from those in sexy fashionable club outfit to someone in a plain T-shirt and jeans - and think you may want to take the full benefit of PLN 10 Caipiroskas or even cheaper beer you won't go wrong by choosing this place. Professional though somewhat reserved staff tolerable queues in the bars felt safe and well organized. There aren't any neon lights or such outside just a simple sign and small basement entrance which don't easily reveal how big establishment there actually is underground - can easily remain unnoticed unless you happen to pass by when there's already a big queue on the street.
  • i think this bar is very good for celebrating the weekends,specialy for couples........go ahead


Open Thu, Fri, Sat only: 21:00 - 04:00.


ul. Św. Ducha 2, Gdańsk


(+48) 58 320 13 65


Credit Cards Wi-fi Facilities for disabled Smoking place

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